Kristina Simkins Original Watercolors and Gourd Art

About Me

It’s been said, that I will talk to anyone!

My Background

  • Self-taught, I sold my first piece of art in 3rd grade, wood burning  and painting on electrical  wire spools  my  Dad  brought home  from  work. 
  • I  had an elementary teacher who encouraged my potential as an artist.   He took me  out in  the field to draw birds,  plants  and  flowers for his work with the local Audubon Society.   
  • That experience began my appreciation of nature's variety of colors and patterns.  This  love  of the  outdoors,  playing  in the dirt  surrounded  by  life  made it  easy  to work with my Mother  who owned  a  florist and  greenhouse.

Quad City Times covers my Gallery in a 2 full page article.  December 1994

My Medium combines Earth, Fire and Water

  • An accomplished Watercolor, Pyrographic & Scratchboard Artist, my work has been in many group exhibitions and solo gallery shows.
  • My original watercolors, pastels, scratchboards and prints hang in numerous private collections throughout the USA.
  • My Gourds have been collected by art enthusiasts for the last decade.
  • After owning a successful gallery in Illinois for many moons,  I moved to rural Nevada in 1996 with my husband, children and our usual menagerie of animals.
  • Continuing to paint and raise a family on a small farm. I found gourds growing in my garden. I was hooked on the process of planting seeds, watching the crop grow and waiting up to 18 months for them to cure and dry. When I see and feel the energy of a raw gourd, it is just as inspiring as a piece of watercolor paper.


My Inspiration is Vast and Infinite. Truly Esoteric!

2 Dimensional Watercolors or 3 Dimensional Gourd Art?

It all starts inside and by the time it works it’s way out

... reality happens.

The process is a journey that amazes me!

Kristina Simkins